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Prevent water damage from becoming a problem with our waterproofing solutions.

Although it’s necessary for human survival on this planet, water can have detrimental effects on below-grade and above-grade surfaces if left unchecked. At B&D Roofing Solutions, we offer waterproofing solutions designed to protect your structure and keep seepage from harming the area where you live or do business.

Our waterproofing solutions fall into two major categories:

1.Below-grade waterproofing—Below-grade waterproofing involves applying membranes and coatings to the walls of a building’s foundation that sits below ground level. When you pair these solutions with appropriate water management techniques, you can keep your below-grade building envelope leak-free and reduce lifecycle costs significantly.

2.Above-grade waterproofing—Waterproofing products used for above-ground purposes must be resistant to ultraviolet light, aesthetically pleasing, breathable, and adaptable to shifting temperatures. Waterproofing surfaces above grade involves preventing water intrusion into exposed elements of a structure and its components. Although these materials are not subject to hydrostatic pressure, they are exposed to detrimental weathering effects.

Below-grade and above-grade waterproofing are both essential, since a structure without sealants, flashings, or membranes will last no more than a few years if exposed to moisture. We assess all environmental factors and the site’s unique conditions when suggesting waterproofing solutions, and we institute solutions that prevent water intrusion and the resulting damages on a long-term basis.

We waterproof commercial and residential structures throughout the High Point, North Carolina area. To learn more about our approach to above-grade or below-grade waterproofing, or to schedule a site assessment, please contact us today.