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Give us a call if you are looking for a commercial roof repair contractor in the High Point area who specializes in flat roofing repair or replacement.

Commercial Roof Repairs are common with commercial and industrial building owners in the High Point, North Carolina area. Weather, storm damage, age, and poor maintenance are a few common reasons for a roof repair. Less common are repairs as a result of improper installation of the original roof or material defects. Investing in a roofing maintenance program is the best way to minimize commercial roof repairs. Scheduled roof maintenance provides opportunities for quicker response to minor intrusions before they become costly repairs. Our team at B&D Roofing Solutions has many years of experience repairing roofs for commercial and industrial customers in the Triad.

Commercial Roof Repair in High Point, North Carolina

Leaky Roof

One thing is for certain, when you have a leaking roof, an immediate repair is imperative. Some businesses are inclined to disregard a leak or apply a second-rate patch in hopes of it just going away, but mismanaging leaks can lead to serious structural building damage. To avoid such damage, rely on the commercial roofing repair experience of our team from B&D Roofing Solutions. Let us take care of your roofing needs right away by contacting us through the online free estimate form or dialing 336-899-1985.

Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency situations are never fun to deal with, especially when a storm has just damaged your roof and you need it repaired pronto! Our team of professional roofers is available 365 days a year to keep you safe and protect your investments. Storms, hail damage, high winds, and rare anomalies seem to occur when you least expect them. Rest assured you are in good hands with our team of emergency roofers.

Flat Roof Repair Company

Give us a call if you are looking for a commercial roof repair contractor in the High Point, North Carolina area who specializes in flat roofing repair or replacement. For many years, we’ve been helping business owners across the Piedmont Triad just like you. Minor repairs, complex technical repairs, leak detection and prevention, and emergency repairs – we are the roofing team for all your commercial roofing service needs.

  • Leak Detection & Prevention
  • Metal Roofing Repair
  • TPO Roofing Repair
  • EPDM Rubber Roofing Repair
  • BUR Roofing Repair
  • PVC Roofing Repair
  • Modified (APP/SBS) Roofing Repair

Ready to get started? Schedule your free roofing estimate and let’s discuss the best roofing solution for your commercial or industrial building today!