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If your roof needs attention, a commercial roof coating system is a great alternative to roof replacement.

Whether you are a commercial property manager or owner, you have a great responsibility to care for your property, since other people are entrusting you to provide a safe and optimal environment. In many instances, the choices you make can positively impact your employees or tenants and your bottom line.

Commercial Roof Coating in High Point, North Carolina

Commercial roof repair or replacement is often a major expenditure, but it’s also simply a fact of life as the structure ages. However, a commercial roof coating restoration for low slope structures can be a cost-saving alternative. A commercial roof coating system can be deducted in that year’s taxes.

Our team at B&D Roofing Solutions brings decades of commercial roofing experience to deliver the solutions businesses need to maintain a successful commercial building in the High Point, North Carolina area and beyond.

If your roof needs attention, a commercial roof coating system is a great alternative to roof replacement. It’s a great way to prolong the life of your roof. Plus, our commercial roof coating systems come with 5- to 15-year warranties. Contact B&D Roofing Solutions today for a free estimate or give us a call at 336-899-1985, and we’ll be happy to discuss what options work best for your roof.

B&D Roofing Solutions is one of a select few roofing companies in the High Point, North Carolina area to use roof coating systems on existing roofs. There are a number of ways we can preserve and extend the life of your business roof, one of which is to have a roof coating applied.

Commercial Roof Coating in High Point, North Carolina

We firmly believe in the superiority of a coating system. The roof coating is sprayed or rolled on, and touch-up work can be done with a brush or roller. Commercial Roof coatings are ideal for flat and metal roofs as well as vents, flashings, and flanges as it forms an effortless watertight seal.

Benefits To Commercial Roof Coating

  • Durability – As mentioned, flat and metal roofs benefit the most from this type of roofing system. The application provides a continuous membrane which eliminates leaks by sealing cracks and splits on the roof surface. When it comes to waterproofing and handling harsh weather it is a superior choice because of its excellent weathering capabilities.
  • Cost Savings – Keeping your indoor space cool in the summer is something everyone wants. Highly reflective coatings provide excellent UV protection to rooftops. The additional protection adds years to your building’s roof and reduces roof maintenance costs. Highly reflective business roof coatings also deliver a cooler and more comfortable environment inside your home, making it energy efficient.

Commercial Roof coating systems come in a variety of colors, but the reflective nature of white coating offers the best heat-reduction capabilities, saving as much as 35% on your home energy costs.

It is a great cost savings alternative to roof replacement. Our commercial roof coating systems come with a 5 to 15 year material warranty. And due to its energy efficiency, a roof coating system can help you earn tax credits.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation estimate for a residential roof coating system, please contact us to schedule a time with a roofing professional who will discuss your options, provide literature, and answer any questions.