Tips on Filing a Claim

Tips on Filing a Claim

Insurance Claim Form

Filing an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

Filing a claim for roof damage can be tedious but B&D Roofing Solutions can help streamline the process.  Here are a few tips on filing a claim you can use. Evaluate the leak(s) as best as possible. Move items to prevent further loss but only if you can without injury. Document and take pictures of each leak and any interior damage. From ground level, look for obvious exterior damage, document, and take additional pictures. Place all the information in a folder and store in a safe place for reference. These simple guidelines can give your insurance company an idea of the damage as well as provide future proof of damage(s).

Contact your Insurance Company

The easiest way to know what’s covered or what’s not, is to contact your insurance provider. Some policies take the age of the roof into account at the time it is damaged. Other policies only offer roof damage coverage up to the depreciated value, regardless of age. While other policies will cover the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged section of a roof at the time of the claim, regardless of the age of your roof. Before calling gather the necessary information such as the policy number, date of incident, and your assessment of the damage.

Generally, your insurance company will send an adjuster to the property to investigate and verify the roof damage claim. He or she will look at your property during business hours. If you can make yourself available, that’s great but if not you will miss the opportunity to ask questions or share your opinion. Let us represent you during the inspection. You are entitled to have your contractor of choice represent you during the adjustment process to expedite the settlement of your claim.

We will work with your adjuster to determine the extent of the damage, clarify pricing and offer a repair price agreeable to the insurance company. All you pay is your deductible. Let us work for you!

The Claim is DENIED

If the damage is determined to be from aging, wear and tear, or poor condition of your roof, it typically will be considered normal maintenance, and will not be covered under your policy. However, if you have damaged siding, vehicles, or have noticed neighbors getting their roofs replaced, more than likely you also have roof damage. Don’t give up. You are entitled to a re-inspection by another adjuster within the same company. So if you’re not completely satisfied with the results, don’t settle, ask for another inspection!

For more information or to schedule a free estimate, contact the roofing professionals, B&D Roofing Solutions, at 336-899-1985 or by using our online Free Estimate Request form.