Metal Roof Repairs

Metal Roof Repair

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal Roofing Systems seldom completely Fail. One of the many advantages of a metal roofing system is panels can be replaced independently saving owners a fortune on an entire roof replacement. We specialize in finding the tricky troubled spots and provide logical solutions over replacing an entire roof simply because a few areas are leaking.

Metal Roof Penetrations

Penetration through roof panels for equipment such as HVAC units, skylights, or vents are the most common leak areas. Pipe boots, pipe flashing, rubber seals, or seem tape may also need to be replaced. We are experts at diagnosing and repairing these damaged areas back to their original durability. Call us today for a free estimate on your metal roof repair.

Exposed Fasteners

Metal roofs with exposed fasteners use a self-tapping screw with a neoprene seal to help keep the seal tight as the roof expands and contracts. Over time, this neoprene seal begins to degrade and as the majority of the damage is caused at the top of the screw water tends to traverse. As the neoprene seal degrades the screw turns into a scoop and channels rain water through the roof and into the building. In this circumstance, one obvious option is to replace each failing screw with new screws to restore the roof’s original integrity.

Leaking Skylights

Metal roof skylights, particularly those at or near end-of-life, are prone to leaks. There are several options in repairing leaking skylight panels. In most cases the skylight can be replaced without requiring a roof replacement. However, only a thorough inspection of the leak will reveal if the leak can be repaired or the skylight must be replaced. Either way you can depend on us for the facts!

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