Metal Roof Coating

Metal Roof Coating Repair

Metal Roof Coating

Typically, a leaking metal roof does not require an entire roof replacement. In many cases a polyurethane roof coating will not only waterproof the metal to seal the leak but prevent future leaks. This highly reflective roof system keeps the roof cool by preventing the roof from absorbing the sun’s heat and Ultra violet rays.

Exposed Fasteners

Metal roofs with exposed fasteners use a self-tapping screw with a neoprene seal to help keep the seal tight as the roof expands and contracts. Over time, this neoprene seal begins to degrade and as the majority of the damage is caused at the top of the screw water tends to traverse. As the neoprene seal degrades the screw turns into a scoop and channels rain water through the roof and into the building. In this circumstance, one obvious option is to replace each failing screw with new screws to restore the roof’s original integrity or reseal with an elastomeric coating.

Water Resistant and Reflective Coating

There are many waterproof and reflective coatings on the market that can extend the life of your metal roof. Call us today to learn more about roof coatings designed specifically for Metal Roofing Systems.

Cost Saving

Metal Roofs are constructed for durability but over time some portions degrade. Those degraded portions can be replaced or coated. Our job is to inspect and report which option is the most effective and cost efficient.

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